I’m thinking about changing my major.

Maybe it would be a stupid idea. I’m so close to finishing the music major.

But I’m not enjoying it so much at the moment. I just don’t hear those chords the way other people hear them. And I’m not talented enough to be a performer. And composition is looking bleak due to my composition prof’s sabbatical next year.

I like French and Religion. Maybe I should change.


Today is the second day with me using recreational internet again. And it’s not what I remembered it being. In fact, it kind of just sucks the soul out of all my adventuring. Except all the fun photos. I love fun photos. I’d be a Flickr addict if I gave myself the chance. (Background info: I won a bet that I could go 40 days with no recreational internet).

What did I do today? I slept in late and had a crazy dream about stealing something from the student center at my college and having to go into hiding as a result. That’s what I get for sleeping in late and letting opportunities for adventuring pass me up. The weather was wonderful. Everyone was outside. I even did some of my homework outside after moping around for a while and deciding that I need to delete my Facebook account. It doesn’t DO anything other than waste all my time in complete impersonal interactions (which are even sparse on FB).

I attended an Orthodox Christian Service at my college chapel, which was beautiful. I loved the chanting, and the priest talked about how services and spiritual moments aren’t supposed to be a constant thing. They’re supposed to be moments in time that change you inside so that you can go out into the world humbled and ready to live. It was amazing. I loved it.

Then I had work, which involved recording a flute recital. It was my first time recording, and I couldn’t remember how to do it. Luckily, there was a step-by-step guide in the recording booth. It saved my life (well, my job, which isn’t quite my life). I felt foolishly proud of myself for finding the guide. At least I’ll know what to do this Wednesday, when I record the piano recital.